[zeitlos] LKL Discord

  • A talked with a few people here and the idea came up that we could use a Discord server. Maybe.
    For those who doesn't know what Discord is, the short version that it's communication software that can manage text, voice and images among other things, easy and widely used, also it's free. Little longer version is here

    - Instant messaging which is always good
    - Messages doesn't get deleted, if you have enough time you can read back whenever you want
    - You can make separate channels (like topics in a forum) and categorize them
    - Roles and permissions, admins can manage what channels others could see, etc
    - Easy to use on a variety of platforms. There is a desktop version for it, or you can just open it in your browser and there is also a handy phone app.
    - Tagging. You can tag a person, or groups which sends a notification, email notifs are also possible as far as I know.
    - Because it is easily accessible it could work as a place where people who are interested in our camp can easily contact us in a non-formal way.
    - You can get good bots for various stuffs
    - Probably there is more, These are the important things I can remember right now.

    - With too many people who have way too much free time for chatting it can easily get chaotic. (good structuring of channels can help, but still)
    - The taggings and notifs aren't all powerful
    - At the end of the day it's still just another platform that people would have to use, and learn how to use.
    - No good in-built translator for it, but that's my own grief

    So the question is, is there a need for something like this?


    hab mal eben einen Server erstellt. Wer Admin Rechte will kann sie haben. Ich moderiere auch nix, dafür sind wir alle erwachsen und ich zu faul.

    "Ever noticed when you see two groups who really hate each other, chances are good that they are wearing different kind of hats. Keep an eye on that, might be important"

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  • Talked about the same Topic at the Drachefest. But you have the pros and cons already. If we transfare an inaktive forum to an inactive Discord-Channel we've won nothing.

    But if wie want to have more projects running to improve our camp, we need more activity during the year. So if people think it might help, it's woth trying.

  • by no means would it make the forum obsolete. Discord is just an instant message software, so it's pretty shit on itself at storing information and the likes. The forum would be still needed for important stuff and for slower communications.

    As with every IM software it makes easier to keep in touch and do talk through little things easier. So yeah, it won't solve all of our problems, probably won't solve any problems in itself, only help to mitigate some.
    Also IF (and that's a pretty big if) people would start using it, it might help to keep up the interest through the whole year

    "Ever noticed when you see two groups who really hate each other, chances are good that they are wearing different kind of hats. Keep an eye on that, might be important"

  • I think, Discord or something similar would be nice for those who would like to keep in touch over the year, maybe planning personal stuff or sewing and handcrafting etc. For sure we still would need the forum for all the important stuff.

    I'm not sure if those who are not posting in the forum would use an IM...

  • I think a discord could be good too.
    It helps us to conect a bit more esecialy on a personal level and I think it could be quite benefitial for organising knechte to go to other games which in turn can help the LKL.
    Also it could be more easy for some people to be active as they may already use the platform (discord) for other things regularly.

  • I had severals tries with discord and I really hope, it didn't replace anything at any time. We will not fix the low-activity-rate during the year with a new tool. :)

    So, if anything will be discussed at this server, can someone add my comment; "If it is important, please create a thread in the forum."