Procedure of acceptance

  • Good day and welcome!

    Being a theme-based camp, us from the Landsknechtlager have a distinct interest in preserving and improving our thematic and visual identity as well as our standard of quality. To guarantee that our standard remains and 'us from the Landsknechtlager' always are recognizable and dreaded as 'those from the Landsknechtlager' it is necessary that all players accept our standard not just as a 'can' but as a clear 'must'.

    This applies also for new players who decide to be a part of the Landsknechtlager. To ensure that our standard remains we created a 'committee of acceptance' - the Aufnahmegremium. Whenever someone new wants to be a part of our camp, this committee decides if his/her equipment suits our standard.

    If the committee decides that the equipment of a new player does NOT suit our standard, there are many in this forum who are happily willing to help with knowledge and advice.

    When it comes to the Drachenfest and the equipment (still) does not suit our standard, we sadly have to deny the participation in the Landsknechtlager.

    The committee of acceptance currently consists of the following persons:

    1. Datschy / Pyotre Ziersky / Johann Sohler
    2. Wentzel
    3. Jin
    4. Josse
    5. Schwannek

    The procedure of acceptance takes course as the following:

    1. An applicant creates a thread in the 'Vorstellung'-forum introducing him-/herself
    2. Someone of the committee creates a thread in the 'Aufnahmeverfahren'-forum with the applicant's name
    3. In this thread pictures will be collected the applicant posts of his/her equipment
    4. The members of the committee judges the pictures by :thumbdown: or :thumbup:, commenting on the decision for or against the attire
    5. After all five members have cast their vote, the simple majority decides wether or not the applicant and his/her attire are accepted as new members of the Landsknechtlager
      That is: you need at least 3 votes with :thumbup: to become a member of the Landsknechtlager


    • Should it come to a denial, the members of the committee will make very clear why it came to that decision. After that one can work on his attire... or decide not to try a second time.
    • other members of the forum please should NOT post in this forum. If there is the need to discuss about the decisions of the committee, there is another place for that. This forum is for the work of the committee only.