Stolzebecks Tin Rings!

  • Hallo my Fellow Warcriminals

    To do your next War Crime in style Stolzebecks Pawnshop has you covered! It doesnt matter if you follow the true god or if you are a Ceride. Even an not religious person can identify with the Dragon slaying St.George!


    Empire Ring



    Ceriden Ring


    St.George Ring



    You have two options to get your hands on these Rings.

    First, you wait till you meet me in Game. I am going to sell them for play money in Game, not cheap cause they must be more expensive then cookies, but I will not be ridicilous with the pricing.

    Second you order them and pay for them with real money. I have sold them previously and for you girls and guys I will price them lower at 10€ a piece + shipping. The price is the ammount I am willing to take on the trouble of doing the sell and included are of course some materials and so on.

    Shipping in Germany 3€ , other countries 7,30€ both in a protective envelope.

    To keep an overview of the orders and make shipping easiyer I have created a Google Document. If you want to order a Ring for real money use this.…v3oKv_AxzK07N_lPw2iTR144o

    If you want to buy a ring with play money then you can just leave a comment here and write down the Code of the Ring. This increases your chances of me having one to sell to you in the next game.