Vorstellung - Hanna Orvos-Nagy

  • Hello there !

    My name is Orvos-Nagy Hanna I live in Hungary, and I'm currently in my sophmore year of high school. You might wonder how I ended up here, but as many of the hungarians, I was recruited by Sonir.

    I am very new to LARP, as I just started attending events last September, but I'm trying to make up for my lack of experience with a lot of enthusiasm. This will be my very first time attending a foreign LARP event, and I'm really excited!

    I also really love the arts, and although I'm truly a beginner at sewing, (though I won't let that hinder my ambition) I am fairly experienced in drawing (and animation) , and I will definitely bring that passion of mine through to my character.

    I've sewn two LARP costumes so far, and I've already drew my concept for my Landsknecht dress and bought the wool needed. I hope it'll turn out great and you'll accept me as one of your own Landsknechtes. :)


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