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    I've found a video that we are on

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    It would be hypocritical from me to say only people 18 or above after I brought Hanna here last year when she was 17 years old at the time.

    But obviously if we are talking about kids (and for me a 13 years old isn't the same as a 16 or 17 years old) Yeah, generally it wouldn't be necessearily fun for them. On the other hand I would say a case by case basis could be warranted if the person in question is above 16 years. For very small kids that aren't aware of their surroundings yet it depends more on the parents and guardians who will supervise the kid.

    The hungarian group once again asks if there is a nice Landsknecht in the camp that has either some extra space inside his or her tent for some of us, or if someone could provide an extra tent for us as our logistic capabilities is very limited as always. We need places where 4 of us can sleep and in return we can give you some nice present, or you wont't have to drink the stuff we bring, whichever you prefer.

    On one hand, I'm very interested, on the other hand it's kind of far away and transportation isn't the cheapest.
    How big of a problem would be the language barrier?

    - Construction. What, who, how. What's missing? What do you need? What was unnecessary or useless?
    wasn't there but everything was up when we arrived so it was good.

    - dismantling. organizations? information about it?
    for me it seemed better than previous years.

    - Communication in advance, what was missing? What was good?
    Seemed good to me, got everything I wanted for myself and my group.

    - LBK/LPK team, how did it go, what are the criticisms?

    worked without noticing, so the best kind.

    - Storage place

    I like it, especially that it's close to the city and the infrastructure, also Fritz and the lake/swamp that makes it a couple of degrees cooler all the time so you can take comfortable naps next to it when the weather is really hot. The incline was less then ideal and I could live with it but there was way too much improvised step dancing. Would be good if we could done something about it apart from everyone getting better soles for their shoes, but I have no illusions about this.
    Strangely the closeness of the orcs and the Colony and the Pitz wasn't bad at all. I mean in previous years sometimes it was getting too much but this year even when people were doing the party hard I could still comfortable sleep from the sound. The only slight problem was when the morning toilet cleaners tried to invade the tent with their pipes, but I can live with that as long as we have a close by clean toilet.

    - Song material/singing
    No habla espanole but I tried to join in with the few parts I knew. There were a lot of good singing through most of them was inside the camp, on the field I would say we were average compared to ourselves (so still above the others). I especially loved the songs that just gently crawled out of the Pitz during the night.

    - Staff / management from above in the game
    Worked good, but the tent was a death trap in waiting. I liked the rottmaister meetings where there was an opportunity to report back problems (I know it was mostly for battle related stuff but sometimes other stuff was included too)

    - New sergeant and his weibel?
    As others said the Polka is different than the ballet and it was a good start but Pierozek still needs to flesh out his style, so I'm waiting with anticipations what will happen in the next few years.

    -Pay? (Salary key, organization of the distribution, enough, not enough, fits?)

    As others said more pay for the missions would be good with guaranteed income. Though it's still not where most of the money comes from for the average knecht who really wants to get rich. Maybe we would need a few battles where we win AND stay on the battlefield for looting? Just so the dead and wounded wouldn't be safe either.

    - pattern
    Works as always, no need to change.

    - Medical examination

    Completely missed it because I attended a weibel drill, rottmaister drill and the normal drill and all three went for more time than previously planned so I had to forge a paper with a little help. Kind of sad because otherwise I really like the medical exams.

    - Drill? maneuver?
    Drills were good with the possible exception of the armoured drills where not much happened for a long time.
    Wild idea: maybe we should do a "night drill" for whomever is interested. Do the usual drill at night and at the end/during additional fight "training" with whomever we find (and looting)

    - Battles/Fights

    Overall I would say average. There were a few good and a few bad but in the meantime I felt like there were way more hurry up and wait then in the previous years. I don't like stand anywhere for a prolonged time, especially on the field in armor. Maybe next time when the Client makes us wait too much we should act a little more disorganized and harass their people non-violently, just so they get the memo.

    - "Civil" events/campaigns (cultural evening, lawsuits, bingo, etc.)?
    The toga event was an experience for sure, and generally all of them had a good feel and backdrop but couldn't participate in most of them because of language barrier.

    - external impact? How do we affect other camps, players or passers-by?

    They love us. Seriously, this year every year at least three times someone stopped me just to tell me how awesome looking we are our cloths are great and they love how our marching and singing and whatnot. We leave a good impression OT, and sometimes too good in IT.

    - Turnpike guard - are we open enough for others, or are we inaccessible?
    We are VERY open to others. Even if we turn up to eleven the gate guarding there would be one thing that the other camps doesn't have: The beirgarden. People always sitting there and with the low fence random passerbys can walk up to there and ask questions, have a conversation, get invited in or stabbed out, etc.
    We could be _slightly_ more of an assholes in game but to be honest this year the whole game was more laidback and somehow there was this unspoken understanding that most nearly everyone in every camp dialed back the assholeness.

    - Stick was
    This year I dialed down the hooligan factor for myself and even calmed down people a few times. That said there were times when the guards started the fight where later the fans were punished. This is less then ideal if the team will get penalties for it.
    I understand that it's not good if the fighting is on the playing field, but a lot of people see the hooligan fights as a stress relief at the end of the game which everyone participating enjoy, though the outside observers doesn't like. There should be a place where they can do this without penalties as long as it doesn't bothers the game too much. Or a time. Maybe it could be communicated strictly with everyone that disturvbance during the game should be taken to a minimum but during a break and after the game it's allowed?

    - orders?
    most of the orders were meh. There were way less fun small orders though a few good one happened. I liked bothering the guards at the copper gate, especially that half an hour later we marched with them on the field as they hired us.
    The shoe cleaner one will be remembered forever too.

    - Turnpike guards - distribution?
    It was ideal this year.

    - Shared fire pit and oven?
    Worked great, and yeah sometimes there were too much dishes here and there but it was the first time so we will get better for it. Maybe it could be better if we can manage to separate some water and space so the dishwashing and kitchen storage is closer to Fritz and more out of sight. Unsure if the water part is possible maybe with a hose and some modding on the faucet?

    - .... additional?
    I feel I didn't had time for anything, my feet was killing me, but all in all it was a wonderful game

    So, I think this thread can be used as the ideas for the 2022 DF, as most of the stuff written here are good ideas.

    Anyway few things:
    I would happily bring some larpsafe clubs so that people at the gate can bludgeon anyone to their hearts-content
    stuff like these (see attached image)

    Also idea came to my mind yesterday
    the complaint form from years ago was a fun interaction, to some degree and I would like to see it again. I was told that a lot of people used it as an OT feedback which wasn1t the intended purpose, plus if I remember correctly most of them were just droped at other camps with not much instructions on how to use them.
    The idea is that I could print a few hundred of these and we can keep them in the camp (maybe near the gate) so if someone comes to them we can give them one as a jest, or the knechts can bring with them and hand out to people who they seem fit for the joke. Also we can add a fine print at the bottom that this is not an OT feedback form just to make things clear

    Adding here what I mentioned on the discord: First of all, I really like the idea of a common kitchen area, secondly, if it happens it would be good to look into the option of during the night it can be a "chilling area" just like the beergarden, but with the semblance of a campfire (or at least ember holders/whatevers)

    The idea came to my mind: It would be nice the have an ever growing book with the story of the camp in general through the years and the stories of the characters that were there.
    Garfield said the camp had a chronicler back in 2015 but nothing similar since then. I'm not sure how it could work realistically, so right now it's just a wild idea that I think worth running a few circles around it.
    Gathering the stories from past games can be down any time basically, and it's not something that would have an end time, but personally I want to start a diary for my character (maybe convince my group too) and such thing can be a starting point.