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    Adding here what I mentioned on the discord: First of all, I really like the idea of a common kitchen area, secondly, if it happens it would be good to look into the option of during the night it can be a "chilling area" just like the beergarden, but with the semblance of a campfire (or at least ember holders/whatevers)

    The idea came to my mind: It would be nice the have an ever growing book with the story of the camp in general through the years and the stories of the characters that were there.
    Garfield said the camp had a chronicler back in 2015 but nothing similar since then. I'm not sure how it could work realistically, so right now it's just a wild idea that I think worth running a few circles around it.
    Gathering the stories from past games can be down any time basically, and it's not something that would have an end time, but personally I want to start a diary for my character (maybe convince my group too) and such thing can be a starting point.

    My take on this is did it would be best if the group flags would be Placed where did group's tents are, but I realize thatthis is not feasible all the time.
    So about flags thesis are the ones I can bring

    The "Follow the cock and swallow" flag. It's getting old, so there is a chance I'll make a new version of it before DF though not sure if I will have time for that or not

    Random eagle flag

    this random phoenix

    And somewhere there is a similar one with a bear on gray background, but I can't find a pic of it now.

    also random idea.
    If we indeed make a " mobilen Kampfplatz" that we use, we might as well contact the fighters guild if they want to do something together with us. Joint training, or something along those lines, maybe friendly or not so friendly rivalry, etc

    Meanwhile, idea for a cool picture for next year or whenever: The moment when before the final battle landsknecht men standing in line for the sigmar priest to bless their codpiece and the women standing in line for a blessing on their tits

    I also like the military camp focus we have and it's one of the great advantages of LKL, that we have an actual working hierarchy.
    And the non-military aspects should obviously complement this. So stuff that makes sense in a military camp and reasonable to have, basically the "support staff", and we already have a few to some degree but that's where we can improve a little.
    And obviously it would be good to get more combatants.

    So what I'm trying to say, a heavily military focus is good and maybe it we can improve that too, but it would be nice to get people who do stuff that isn't fighting but either supporting the fighters actively or just there to make the camp life more colorful.

    And both the supportive things and making the camp colorful is kind of hard to do it on our own. Obviously we don't have infinite manpower so that's an issue.
    But there is two other: the whole Drachenfest sometimes offer those support or colorful stuff that is easier to take than implement it ourselves. Like when the MASH do the healing for us, instead of doing it with our own healers.
    The other things is if we solve all our own "problems" by ourselves that limits the outside interactions (but depending on other outside players can bring it's own problem, so yeah...)


    If we open up further projects - like the one mentioned above, for example the military hospital - then we will feel it in other places.

    Kind of true, but one of the things I encountered whenever I tried to recruit people for the LKL here in Hungary, that they felt like the camp is "just" about mercenaries which in turn for them felt like it's all about fighting (I know it's not true but that was the impression for them)
    Having a way more dedicated part in the camp that isn't just about fighting maybe bring us people that otherwise wouldn't join.
    I'm not saying it will 100% happen, but basically if we broaden our possibilities we might get more people and it won't take away that many people from other places.

    If I understand correctly you want a more established background and a way to generate connections between characters.

    For the last there is a little game called ball of yarn that does something similar to that. Basically it's a small game that works as an icebreaker to generate connection points between characters so that the players have an easier time to work on with this. Also it lets a glimpse on everyone's character so you can know what to expect.

    It works like this: you get a group of players and someone start telling a short, few sentence story about something that happened to their character and then point to another player who's character was also included in this. Now the character who was pointed to finishes the story about how his character was connected to the story. It is important to not contradict the original story, and also that the original story should be something that is easy to include someone else. When the player who was pointed to finishes the story he starts his own short story and points to someone else who wasn't included in a story so far, and it continues until everyone has at least one connection. You can make several rounds of this, and also it's good if the players later talk through their connections to flesh it out a little more.

    Example for short stories:
    "I was piss drunk in a Pitz and shittalked the Profoss who just happened to enter." Then pointing to another guy who finishes it like "I quietly signaled that the Profoss is here and tried to change the subject so no problem would arise from this" or "I one-upped the shittalking not realizing who entered and both of us got into trouble" etc.

    Das ist zwar wahr, aber auch sehr anstrengend für den, der es abhält, wegen der krassen Ablenkungen. Häufig wird das auf diese Weise nicht stattfinden, dafür braucht es einen eigenen, dafür gedachten Platz.

    What if we make a mobile fence that we can put up in front of the camp for... fencing. (Get it? Fence for FENCING!)
    Anyway this way, we can be the wicked not so good mercenaries who expropriate public property for a while but in the meantime give passerbys a little show.