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    The precedent is already there, I've heard in the Temple that there was a year when the Red Avatar allowed the Orcs to attend the tournament (this was the spark that started the idea.)

    Thank you, Hubert for the facts, I was not aware of that daily donation from the Temple towards the camps.

    Having a LKL Dragonark seems like a good idea, because this allows us to have more exquisite contracts about stealing eggs, ambushing other teams who carry eggs and so on.

    "I don't know about you, but my character is more into getting money than into being nice to dragons.. they are great creatures you have to respect, but - what is in for me if I'd put the egg to the temple?"
    Lambert, my character had a serious break point in his life, and decided to turn more towards music and nice ladies and silvers than die for three coppers a day. He went to the Temple of the Dragons to learn a lot about their domains, nature, light and dark sides, and decided that no dragon deserves to die for it. All of them has some interesting aspects that resonates with Lambert: ha can be violent, loves life, sometimes helps out poor friends / rotmeisters ;), loves music, embraced change to citizen from soldier etc., but still has nothing to do with magic, and dark sides of the dragons.
    As I wrote in a comment up there, donating the Temple with the egg can cause interesting actions, and not sure that it will end peacefully. And I hope that the outcome will piss off some dragons :)

    Thinking about the ideas:

    1. Donating to the Temple.
    This case I'm almost sure that Aldradach became a more interesting place, because all Color camps need that egg. Heavy City Guard presence around the Temple (or, some competent forces paid for it, like LK :) ), less presence on other places. This is a possibility to bring more subtle military actions to the city, from the Camps. Sneak-ins, ninjas, magic attacks against the Temple, pissing off all dragons, etc. I don't think that donating the temple causes peace. But, this is the safest thing in my opinion for us, it can please the Red (or at least I can imagine that he agrees), and also the Gold because of the balance. Also, the egg is way too white, boring, could use some painting; we should keeping it unharmed, yes, but not untouched by skillful artists ;)

    2. Giving to the weakest Camp.
    This is a lovely idea too, because one of the camps must declare that they are the weakest, and convince the others (or some judge, like an Avatar), this is an interesting licit / coming out. But I'm afraid that this will be interesting only for a closed circle of people, and we (and 99% of Df people) will have no info or other exciting outcome from it, causes no extra in-character gameplay. I'm not sure that it will please the Red, because supporting the weakest is probably not his domain (and not sure he will agree this deal), but sure will please the Gold because of balance.

    3. Sell it / licit / auction etc.
    More money = more inertia and more fun, yes :) But, I don't think Red would accept this as he is not a merchant type.

    4. Creating a "king of the hill" battle for it (new idea)
    Egg is on the center of the battlefield, all interested camps can assemble a hit squad with equal headcounts, and let them fight for it. This creates more game, but we as LK are out of this fun, unfortunately. But Red loves war, so I can imagine that he agrees this.

    Yes, it would be exciting to have an intern LK champion selection tournament!

    About carrying the egg: we can ask the Red that if he agrees, lend us an egg-bearer to carry it to the designated area.

    Long story short: I had a discussion with the Red Avatar about letting the Landsknechts to name a champion of the LKL, and apply this champion to join the Tournament of the Champions. The Red Avatar had a concern: if the LK champion wins the tournament and gets the prize (a dragon egg), what would happen to that egg? He is not sure that the dragon egg is in a safe place in the LKL... ;) I asked the Red Avatar that if we bring him an idea about what we plan to do with that egg, and he agrees, will he let us join the Tournament the next year (2019), and he said YES. After this we had a short conversation with the Obrist, but I was not sure that the first ideas (a big omelette, or an auction) would please the Red Avatar, also it would be a silly idea to stand in front of him and tell these... So I had an idea that if we won, we will give the dragon egg to the Temple of the Dragons to find a good place for it. Obrist agreed with it. This was near the end of the DF'18, so I had no chance to talk the Red Avatar again, but next year this could be an interesting project - if You find this idea worthy.
    (If you are interested, I can tell the backstory of this tournament idea, but that is strongly character related, and it is probably offtopic in this forum.)

    Dear LKL people, I loved the game again, thank you for letting me the part of the LKL!
    All LK players are friendly, everyone helped me, answered my neverending (Could you translate this to English please?) questions.
    Some of the topics where I have some feedback:
    - New LKL place: this was much better in my opinion, than last year. It was in one of the focus points (or at least very close) of the whole DF happening: many players moved at the Shrank, we saw a lot action out there.
    - Music: I've heard so good songs that I had to grab my drum to be a part of it. Thank you!
    - Sold: I suppose it is too little with a good reason, to motivate people to find ways to get more. I think it is fine like this. However for Achiever type players (see Bartle Taxonomy here:…of_player_types#Achievers) can be a reason to find game elsewhere, outside of the camp. My suggestion: possible other ways in LKL to gain more. Yes I know that there are occasional opportunities, like the wine-tasting event, but I feel there could be more, and not only the ones initiated from outside of the camp.
    - MASH inspection: still very good, I love it, perfect icebreaker, tuned me to the game.
    - Drill, and Pixnar-ballet: moving in formation is a beautiful tactical game, I'm impressed, and I wish I could see this from above at least once. :)
    - Stecken krieg: it was the diamond on the crown for me, I absolutely loved it. I have a lot good stories about it. Perfect DF game ending for me, I'll never miss one in the future, I hope.

    Dear friends,

    Thank you all for this great event, I had many memorable moments, please enjoy the unselected picdump here:
    Photos by me, Viki and Sonir.
    (In case you need a higher resolution of some of them, just ask me.)
    Also have some videos about the unbelievable cultural sports event, but needs some cutting, will upload later after editing.

    Hi, my name is Tibor Pongrácz (45), nickname Saman. I'm from Hungary. I plan joining your mighty and famous band on the side of Sonir Norend and his Rotte.
    2017 will be my fist Drachenfest, but not my first larp - I participate 4-6 larps every year, in wide variety of genres (low fantasy, sword and sorcery, sci fi, Mage, Vampire, homebreed systems with original ideas etc.)
    Planned clothing is still in progress, with extensive help of Sonir:
    shoes - made of leather, by Sonir
    green socks - seeking for advice, see below
    pants - slashed joined hose
    white shirt - seeking for advice about a black one, see below
    doublet is in planning phase.

    Weapons: main weapon is a Bidenhander, sidearm is a messer or katzbalger (probably messer).
    The Bidenhander is made of foam, and latex on a fiberglass core, it is soft and larp-safe, but looks cool and formidable.

    Please let me know if these socks will do the job:…p_image/product/31266.jpg


    Looking for advice about this black shirt, under a doublet:
    (that's me :) )

    Looking forward to meet you,