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    The hospital would be nice!

    I usually do field healing and enjoy improving my tools and wound making from year to year. Sometimes I even healed in the camp, but mostly after the orcs got in or when there was an accident. Having an in-camp hospital would be a nice touch. I'm curious about how much we'd use it.

    I was thinking that we might should have one of the first Landksnecht champion in the Arena, Leo. In the end he put on a good show and placed 3rd (I guess because they wanted it to be decided between the blue and green camp). He even was the last one of the champions to have both of his tokens. Guess it was a nice start. :)

    I got the idea and that pen from Lorin. :D Glad you like it!
    I made some new ones as well but not sure whether I should cover the pen parts or not. I sort of like them like this but guess they would be easier to handle with the cover thing.

    She will write here later (or in her 'Vorstellung' topic) about her concept, she's gathering information and materials. :) But she is totally interested in having the garden as a base. Thanks for the link, lotsa information. :D
    I guess what they previously used as soil is brought every year so we should get some soil-thing to put under everything.

    Btw, Kendra, do we have in the warehouse a small desk or table that is not used by anyone?

    Uuu, Lyraevi / Évi who is coming with us this year is planning to have a garden and do alchemist stuff. I think she might be interested cause this way we wouldn't have to bring all the wooden crates and things from Hungary, only maybe some additional decoration she planned to have. I'll show her this topic, thanks for the information! :)

    Beards solve any problems. But keep the dress, that's sexier than all our male trousers-breeches-woolen-parts-things-around-legs - solutions. 8)

    Last summer I played a female dwarf priestess so I could have the beard and a dress. It was super fun. I only had problems during eating. :D

    Hello Viki,
    Send me pics I have figurines for you. Like a good landsknecht I can do everything. (For a price ofcourse). I have plenty solutions for female characters. I can even shave bearded figurines 😁.


    Yay, thanks! I'm working on a new dress now but the 'old' one has fancier colors so I'll send you the photos of it as soon as I can. Thank you in advance~

    Thread titles in English already help, thanks. I also usually use google translate but if it sounds bad I check the German version as well. My German is still soooo rusty, have to work on it. Each year I promise myself that I'd use German again but ehh, need more time. :/
    I'll try to be more active here as well, just like Sonir. Also, if we are interested in a certain topic but not sure in it due to google translation, I guess we'll just ask what it's about. But google translation in German still works better than in Hungarian, fortunately.

    Hey there,

    As for me, I will probably stay in a support role because I know we need the water and stuff - especially with a weather like last year. I will like to improve my healing methods as well with making fake wounds out of latex that I can pretend to sew and bloody my hands with. I saw them last year and really liked to idea, and a stationary hospital sounds nice. I will make more surgical tools, so I can lend some to others like last year if they fancy healing.

    I'm also planning to take on some business so the girls might help me out, they can have more interaction in the city, etc. I will bring my weaving equipment, some yarns in different colors and will be able to weave bands even with requested patterns in a few hours' time. I wanted to do it last year as well but I ran out of time.

    There are fortunately plenty of opportunities, so we'll see. We'll talk this through with them as well. :)
    Thank you for the ideas so far!

    - And I just like this soap-men assistant idea :D -

    Thank you.
    Yes, fortunately I have 20 feathers, and they are around ~40 cm. Now the top part of the hat is sewn to the brim at the four corners - I might sew it down at a few more points, though, so it could hold the feathers better, and it won't even be visible.

    Some more progress pics, this time of my Birgitta's cap and tellerbarret. Of course, my wig stand is smaller than my head, so that's why it has the cap over it's eyes.
    Only thing left to do with it is to add some straps to keep it on my head and find out how the feathers look the best.

    You can find photos in this gallery:

    Nah, imgur is stupider than it was before. Another album for the sleeve, cause I can't add to the previous ones

    The slashes on the arm will be lined with blue linen.
    The blue wool guards have white linen beneath them so the linen would show when I slash the blue stripes.

    The front of the dress and the neck of the hemd are closed with hooks and eyes.
    Since I ran out of fabric I had to buy a pair of dark blue knee high woolen socks. They are darker than my main blue color. The shoes are on their way and I'm trying to find a belt.