[2017] Vorstellung - Tibor Pongrácz

  • Hi, my name is Tibor Pongrácz (45), nickname Saman. I'm from Hungary. I plan joining your mighty and famous band on the side of Sonir Norend and his Rotte.
    2017 will be my fist Drachenfest, but not my first larp - I participate 4-6 larps every year, in wide variety of genres (low fantasy, sword and sorcery, sci fi, Mage, Vampire, homebreed systems with original ideas etc.)
    Planned clothing is still in progress, with extensive help of Sonir:
    shoes - made of leather, by Sonir
    green socks - seeking for advice, see below
    pants - slashed joined hose
    white shirt - seeking for advice about a black one, see below
    doublet is in planning phase.

    Weapons: main weapon is a Bidenhander, sidearm is a messer or katzbalger (probably messer).
    The Bidenhander is made of foam, and latex on a fiberglass core, it is soft and larp-safe, but looks cool and formidable.

    Please let me know if these socks will do the job:


    Looking for advice about this black shirt, under a doublet:
    (that's me :) )

    Looking forward to meet you,

  • Hi Saman,


    My personal opinion: The black shirt is too shiny. Just geht yourself a piece of linen and sew yourself a linen-shirt. There are lot of guides in the internet and it's very simple. If it gets very warm, you'll be thankful for that.
    The socks should do it, if your joined hose is the "eyecatcher" and distract the view away from the socks. If you know what I mean...

    The Bidenhaender looks very nice !

  • work in progress picture.

    What is needs to be done is sewing on the arms, finishing the codpiece and then are just the slashes and the holes for the laces.
    Sadly I won't have time to work with it today, hopefully the sewing will be finished at sunday and I can do the minor work (slashes and holes) at the beginning of next week

  • Dear Friends,

    I'm planning taking part in the Landsknech Camp in 2018 too - DF2017 was a wonderful event despite of the weather, I have good memories.
    I'm looking for proper cloth to wear, and as I have quite limited free time, at first I'm trying to find premade sets, like this one from Mytholon.
    Please let me know if it fits the standards of the Landsknechtlager.

    Kind regards,

  • Dear Tibor,

    the mytholon Landsknecht Outfit Looks not bad, but i don't know that our Gremium agree this Outfit. i know that you will find some good clothe on the following Website:


    but he must also produce this clothe for their customers and need some time for it. But i don't know which deliverytime have this production. Maybe you must ask him by E-Mail. Have you got a budget maybe somebody have some other possibilities.



    Seifen Kalle, schmierig und fein muss die Bier- und Weinseife sein. Seifenhaus Barthel

    • Official Post

    The mytholon clothes look quite okay, I think. Even more, if you do some small changes to make it look personal. Only thing that might be a problem is that Drachenfest usually gets quite hot (last year was even worse weather than 2007). Mytholon uses cotton fabric for their landsknecht clothes. This would get a lot more uncomfortable, hotter and sweatier than linen. So, to feel comfortable, you might need at least two shirts. Whileas, when you use linen, you can wear the clothes longer.