[zeitlos] Steckenkrieg, eine Erklärung

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    Nachdem ich an mehreren Stellen (DF Forum, Facebook) "RossoVerdi" etc. gelesen habe, kam mir der Gedanke, einen erklärenden Text zusammen zu stellen, der zwar nicht alles verrät, aber mindestens einen groben Überblick verschafft.
    Was denkt ihr, findet ihr es sinnvoll, sowas im DF Forum zu veröffentlichen?

  • can we get an english version too?
    There are more than a few fans outside from the camp who are mostly english speakers

    "Ever noticed when you see two groups who really hate each other, chances are good that they are wearing different kind of hats. Keep an eye on that, might be important"

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    BluMarrone, RossoVerde, what's all this about?

    In some feedbacks fort he DF the words BluMaroone, RossoVerdi etc. appear. Sometimes you hear them being shouted on random occasions throughout the whole DF area, and you might have wondered what they mean. The following text wants to shed light on the mystery that is “Steckenkrieg”

    What are BluMarrone and RossoVerde?

    BluMarrone and RossoVerde are the names of the two Steckenkrieg teams. Steckenkrieg, that is a sport played by the Landsknecht-Camp after the final battle on Saturday. If you know some Italian: Yes the team names are blumarrone and rossoverde, the FANS thus are called blumarroni and rossoverdi.


    This sport was invented 5 years ago by the LKL and is since then played every year with little changes. The idea of the game is based on various sports, mainly the Gridiron Sports (American Football, Flag Football) and the “Calcio Storico (or Calcio florentiono). The primary aim is to play a very physical sport, without having to have the training of a footballplayer. Because of that reason, players can only be “pushed”, the hands can only touch the other player in the attack range of Greco-Roman Wrestling (shoulders to hips). Tackling is completely prohibited. Just like in the sports it is based on, there are certain fixed positions with different tasks, and a team is only as good as these positions work together.
    In conclusion you can say: This game is not a show, it is real sport. But with fixed rules that should prevent serious injuries.

    But why?

    Intentionally the idea was to give the camp a strong in-game component that creates internal characterplay. We decided that sport always works and thus the Steckenkrieg was invented. It helped that a lot of American Football Afficionados where present in the conference where this was decided.

    Is this relevant for the LKL Intime?

    Yes. The Steckenkrieg solves an old grudge between the Provost and the Feldweibel. The Provost wears blue and brown clothes, the Feldweibel (sometimes) red and green. Out of that reason the names of the Teams were born. BluMarrone is formed mostly by the two biggest group of the camp. RossoVerde more or less by the smaller ones. If you are interested in the whole history, ask one of us. Most Landsknecht don’t know the whole history (anymore), but at least the Provost or the Feldweibel can tell you something.

    Why do people in the City shout “RossoVerdi” or “BluMarrone?”

    Well.. It could be that the sport escalated a tiny little bit. We do have a serious hooligan problem, the sport is more and more perverted through commercialisation and one day Joseph Blatter will take over. To keep it short: Every team has its own fan block which are primally formed by the MASH and the Colony (RossoVerde) and the Post (BluMarrone). These fans carry the conflict into the city, which is why you can hear people shouting their team names nearly everywhere.

    Can I join a team?

    It’s possible, but not that easy. Every Team is formed by 15 players, where only 3 players can be from another camp than the LKL. Yes, we have a “foreigner quota”.

    But why 15 Players per team?

    The number 30 is very important for the LKL. Small hint: read the text on our Biergarten or ask a Landsknecht.

    Will there ever be more than two teams?

    Probably not, that would be against the idea of the sport

    Can I watch?

    Of course! Everyone is welcome but be warned: there will be fights among the fans.
    The fights between the fans are totally over the top and dangerous!
    Yes, we noticed that and we are working on how to decrease the violence. The whole thing has reached dimensions where we are forced to do something

    This whole Football(Soccer)-Fan-Mentality is incredibly annoying. Can I do something?

    Please get in contact with us or use the mechanisms given by the DF rules (Oh Mother) but please don’t just stand there and hold your grudge silently. We are aware that most of us play over-the-top-Machos (historical Landsknecht are the prototype of Machos/Chavs. They do not have lowriders or muscle cars, but have you seen our codpieces?), so if we overdo it: please tell us!

  • Evtl bei "Kann ich zusehen" noch das Thema Hooligans ergänzen. Also einen Satz der darauf hinweist, dass es eben im Rahmen bleiben soll. So klingt es mehr nach, Knüppeleien....

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    Kann ich zusehen?
    Natürlich! Jeder ist willkommen, es sei aber vorgewarnt, dass die Fans zu spontanen Knüppeleien neigen.
    Bitte nutzt aber euren gesunden Menschenverstand, lasst die Ausschreitungen safe und regelkonform ablaufen und beschränkt diese auf vor und nach dem Spiel. Lasst den Sport Sport sein und trefft euch lieber zur dritten Halbzeit (oder in unserem Fall zum 4. Drittel)

    So besser?