Presentation of William Pyke and Frauke Pyke

  • Hey there, firstly sorry for the English, my German is terrible (all I can do is order beer).

    I’m Chris, and me and my partner Jessica are looking to come to the Drachenfest Landsknechtlager in 2024. We both currently live in the UK (she is German and I’m British) and we are both re-enactors and historical larpers. Previously she has played in the Norrelag and I am in the Pilgrims Camp at Epic Empires (Sir Lambert Payne for those who I may have met).

    We are looking to play a simple Knecht and Tross couple, I haven’t played a simple soldier in years, so really looking forward to that. She is intending to play an actual seamstress (so for those soldiers who require actual costume repairs IT, bring them and your coin!). I will be playing a professional English soldier who previously served the Tudor Crown, but has left its service to become a mercenary soldier. Due to a love of cooking in re-enactment, I will also have some play as a cook, and depending on several factors (availability/expense of ingredients locally mainly) may look to offer up IT food to hungry Knechts, with coppers in their pockets in the evenings. I normally cook late 15th century recipes, but I’m sure I can find some suitable ones. I don’t know if anyone else in the camp enjoys IT cooking, but I have a reasonable setup and really enjoying doing it with other people.

    My costume is mainly inspired from 1540’s (I believe, but Landsknechts fashionistas may correct me), but the colours are themed to regions of the Empire, because I am a big Warhammer geek. Whilst my partners dress she believes is from the 1520’s. The armour is slightly earlier, being a 1510 Winchester plate breastplate, with tassets and almain rivet arms (based on a set from the Royal Armouries, Leeds) and is supposed to represent an older “munitions” armament.

    Whilst some of the pictures show me with an arquebus, I’ve been told the camp doesn’t really use them, so it will be staying at home and I will be bringing the trusty halberd.

    Any feedback or recommendations are welcomed. Hopefully we will see you there, if accepted.

  • Ah! Nice to see, that you have found your way here. Always a pleasure to meet you at Epic Empires. Love the outfits! I hope I can offer you a beer this Drachenfest in our ((more or less) Imperial) regiments Tavern, that we put up every year in the LKL. Maybe you even remember it from the times we put it up in the Pilgerlager years back. :D

    Greetings from the wonderful „Imperial“ province of Sylvania.

    Bernhard "Die Makrele" Makrelowic, Landsknecht des Drakenhof 3

  • Hi Bernhard, thank you - and yes, although it was quite a few years ago I do remember the large tavern (was that 2015/2016!?), and I’m glad I’ll see some familiar faces. I will actually be playing the same character from that event too - when I travelled there with Cabot’s Company.

    I have a friend that makes English cider, who I was hoping may be able to make me a barrel for the event, so if he’s able then I’ll have to make sure to bring it along to your tavern!

  • Hello and welcome to the LKL

    Looks very nice😃👍

    We normaly set up a rather big cooking station, where everybody can cook if he wants to.

    And cider is a rare good in the drachenlande so plz bring it😅😅

  • I think it was around 2015. If I remember right it was the (or one of the) horrible rainy Epic(s). And the Cabot Company was there. We had you lot over because we had too much beer. And you all helped us solve that problem.

    In that case we might have already met. At least my Regiment. The 3. Drakenhof Regiment.

    And I remember that I was offered cider back then aswell.

    You are always welcome in the tavern „Schillerpitz IV“. No pants, no problem. Please do not touch the donkey!

    Bernhard "Die Makrele" Makrelowic, Landsknecht des Drakenhof 3

  • That’s great Wolfergaan - I can bring my set up to there then. Hah, yes unfortunately cider is in very short supply in Germany. Whilst there is your Apfwein I have tried it once, thanks to Norbert - and it poisoned me, so never again!

    Ahhh yes, it was! I’m glad we were able to help with such an arduous task, and if you find yourself burdened with too much beer again, I will do all I can to help get rid of it. :D

  • Hi and welcome to our forum!

    I don't remember you, but I was only once at Epic Empires, maybe 2014. I remember some of the Cabot Company from Unter Ahlfelds Fahne in 2010 :) .
    Your clothes both look nice!

    There's a landsknecht cooking book, available in German and English. I didn't find it very different from all the medieval stuff, but at least it tells the sources. There's also the good medieval cooking book by Jana from Baculus, who you might know from Epic Empires.

  • Unfortunately Garfield that was the first and only Epic I did with Cabot’s, due to the age of some of the company (I was the youngest at the time by a long way), and it is now sadly no longer going. Thanks for the link, I will be sure to check it out.

    Haha, yes Norbert. I had to make a Faustian bargain with Jess to come, but she finally agreed to do both DF and EE!

    I’m always keen to know more Hubert. I really love the history and the fashion of the Landsknecht, but sadly there are relatively few, good resources in English - it’s just not a popular topic in the UK. So any observations and corrections you may have are appreciated.

  • Nice Stuff, and nice that you bring your Partner. My Partner (Moana) is also from the Norrelag, so she has a known face more at the Camp :D

  • Chris! Now that's a surprise, and what a welcome one. Happy to see you this year (since last year didn't quite work out).

    Love the gear! As for the time period.. best stick with Hubert ;)

    I hope Jessica's got a hat and shoes as well?

    Count me in for food. We do have a kitchen set up in the camp for everyone to use, as Wolfergaan already mentioned. It is big and of good use (but the stability is a bit questionable... )

    [...] due to the age of some of the company (I was the youngest at the time by a long way)[...]

    Don't make poor Fred as old as Master Ancient, will you :D



  • Hey Josse, I’ve told Jess that and she actually knows her, which is great for her to have someone else in the camp she knows too, assuming she is also coming? (I’ve also said for her to create an account on this forum, but for now it is easier for her to dictate over my shoulder…).

    I know Mareen, it was such a shame you weren’t at EE last year. But I’m glad we’ll get chance to catch up at the DF again, it’s been a long time!

    I’ve asked for a picture of that and she’s sent one below.

    As for Fred, he’s actually making it to the EE this year (although sadly not the DF), but he is an old man at heart really…

    In terms of the cooking area, I have my own firepit, pans, pots etc. is it wise to just bring everything I need and set it up there then?

  • yes, Moana will be at the Df, its the first time for her in the Lkl. Since i'm no longer the Obrist, she decided to give the df a try again.

  • Great to have you in our camp!

    Regarding your question on cooking: We have a big central cooking area that the whole camp can use. You can use it, set your own stuff up there as well or set it up at your tent, that's up to you to decide, just let us camp planners know in advance so that we know if we need to plan in some space for you!